'Through it all, Bruno Mars' dad never lost faith in what he seemed to see as his boy's destiny. One day, he and Bruno made a last ditch effort at selling the remains of his Elvis memorabilia at a swap meet, earning a total of $125. At the end of the day, Bruno pointed out a Fender guitar at the next stall priced at $155 - and his father bought it for him on the spot. "It was literally all the money he had," Mars says.’ - Rolling Stone, 2013

Bruno, The Fan & The Birthday Girl

"Make some noise for Bruno Mars" - Phil Lawrence introduces Bruno to the crowd at the Wireless Festival in Birmingham

Let's give 'em something they ain't never felt before.


Just listen to me, baby. I wanna make love all night. 
Over and over. Over and over. Let me take my time.



Bruno signs autographs for fans in Singapore

I...can see it in your eyes.

The smoke detector’s going off
The neighbour’s gonna make the call
The fire trucks are on their way
Girl, we got the house burning down

But ain’t nobody gonna save us now
And I don’t care who’s knocking on the door
I’ma give you more

It feels like I’m on fire.


Throwback: Bruno with Brody, Phil & Eric
ROCKDRIVE 2009, The Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles.


Throwback: Much Music Awards - Red Carpet
Toronto, Canada. June 19 2011

You and me baby, we'll be fucking like Gorillas

"Whisper in your girl's ear: they got chu" (x)

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